CTRL sAlt Delete (Godzilla saves his babies)

CTRL sAlt Delete (Godzilla saves his babies) A Stop Motion epic with Godzilla and Giant Bolivian Condors.

Uyuni, Bolivia. 14th of February 2012

Having arrived at the largest salt flats in the world only to find there was no electricity in the town hence no petrol and therefor no leaving for the next two days, we found ourselves with some time to kill. We all knew the Salar photos that people take, so we thought why shoot some photos when we could shoot a film.. And so, over a few beers and a pizza, CTRL sAlt Delete was born - our Valentines Day love story full of action, love, damels in distress, death and dinosaurs.
And of course of salt. Lots of salt.

with Rose Doss, Massimo Ielmini, Vanessa & Stephen Mac Devitt.

Shot, directed & edited by Stephen Mac Devitt

Sweet sound design by Massimo Ielmini

Shot on the Salar de Uyuni in the wet season where an inch or two's surface water make the 4000 sq kilometre surface look like your standing on an endless mirror. Truly one of the most spectacular places i've ever been. It was like my eyes were sending messages my brain could not comprehend.
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