Feather Beds - Walter

American roadtrip music video for Irish electronic artist Feather Beds

Music video for Irish electronic artist Feather Beds single 'Walter'
When Feather Beds approached us to create a music video for his single 'Walter' the track screamed road movie. I was in the middle of two trips travelling over 10,000 miles across the States in my 1976 VW Campervan, Greg in the meantime was hitting New York. We both shot footage out of our respective roadtrips and cut it all together. A simple mirror to create a kalidescope cut to the beat and a dusty grade added the final touches to the video. 

Produced & Directed by Steve Mac Devitt & Greg Corcoran
Edit - Greg Corcoran
VFX & Grade - Steve Mac Devitt
American road footage shot by Steve Mac Devitt
New York footage shot by Greg Corcoran
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