Le Galaxie En 3D visuals

A custom visuals set for Le Galaxie's Fringe Festival show, in 3D. Created and performed by Steve Mac Devitt

Having produced and directed some of Le Galaxie's music video's they asked if I'd be interested in doing their visuals for an up coming show. The fun part was they wanted them in 3D...
So I set off building a bespoke 3D visuals set, old school blue and red anaglyphic style, with a combination of footage shot on a 3D Go Pro and custom visuals for the 2013 Fringe Festival (and later the Web Summit) in Meeting House Sq, Dublin, Ireland. 
A packed crowd of 1000 screaming fans and a whole lot of fun was had.
Photographs by Killian Broderick - killianbroderick.com
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