OFFSET Limerick 2014

Title Sequence and Speaker Names for OFFSET conference, Limerick, 2014.

Title Sequence and Speaker titles for OFFSET, part of the Limerick City Of Culture celebrations. 
The brief was to create a title sequence and 14 speaker titles, they had to be fun and colourful. We had an alphabet built for us and using in camera effects (no post!) with an array of coloured lights we were able to make the shadows dance for us. The coloured effects were created by passing the knockout shapes that the letters came in across the lights sending a whole random pattern of lights over the letters. 
A really tight deadline and turn around kept us busy and Adam Cullen provided a superb audio track commisioned by us to really set the piece off. 
Produced & Directed - Steve MacD & Greg Corcoran
Creative Direction - Steve MacD
DOP - JJ Rolfe
Music  - Adam Cullen (
Produced by OFFSET
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