On The Streets Where You Live

A hand built model village used to create the opening sequence for the programme 'On The Streets Where You Live'

Title sequence for a programme telling the good, the bad and the ugly stories of the main streets of the cities, towns and villages of Ireland.
The catch? None of the streets could be recognisable from one town or city yet had to be obviously Irish.. and a budget of €2000.
The solution? Build the place from scratch..
All the buildings were handmade and illustrated, populated by railroad model people. To save on time the building were created so that the front and back were different allowing us to double the amount of setups available. Shot on rostrum camera in RTÉ with the aid of the fantastic Pat O'Reilly, we had a special motorised  table built to allow us to shoot the end tilt and pull out shot. We used every lens available to us and never did I learn so much about effects of lighting!
Winner of the IDI 2009 Awards - TV / Theatre / Film Design
Concept and Direction - Stephen Mac Devitt
Producer - Birthe Tonseth
Rostrum Camera - Pat O'Reilly
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