RTÉ2 Endboards

RTÉ Endboards that attach to all programmes.

RTÉ Endboards
When RTÉ corporate were rebranding in August 2014 I saw an opportunity to update the RTÉ copyright endboard that attaches to the end of every programme. It was badly needed.
We wanted to create something classy that could fit across all the RTÉ programmes from news & current affairs, sport, comedy, drama, young people's and so on. There was no audio due to the fact that there could be an already existing track playing out from the programme. 
With so many independent production companies and funding boards producing programming for RTÉ the project also required that the endboards could deal with many different options of logos and legal copyright. It also had to be easily updateable so that outside facilities could update their versions while keeping it on brand, an issue we'd run into with the previous versions.
Created in conjunction with RTÉ corporate, the endboard was rolled out as a great success across all channels and online with the outside companies able to create their own enboards with one updateable photoshop file and a simple fade on. 
Director / motion graphics - Stephen MacDevitt
RTÉ Corporate - Emer Beesley & Maria Buckley
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