Sound Reactive LED Stage

Live music stage design using sound reactive custom built RGB LED tubes.

Having VJ'd for years and now building light installations I've been designing a lightweight portable LED stage that could go on tour. It currently exists as 9 x 1m RGB custom built LED tubes that can be arranged in many different set ups. These are then controled via MadMapper and Resolume on my laptop. With a bit of work Resolume's audio analyzer can then drive the lights. I use this combined with preset sequences and loops to give variation to the show. The last bit of kit is the MIDI keyboard to allow me to play with the lights while the musicians do their thing on stage. I'm currently working with Quartz Composer to create a better audio analyzer. 
You can see the lights at work with Young Wonder at Whelans, May 22nd 2015.
All photo's courtesy of Leah Carroll
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