The Late Late Show

Title sequence, graphics package & branding for RTÉ's flagship entertainment programme and the world's longest running chat show.

The Late Late Show, the world's longest-running chat show and RTÉ's flagship entertainment programme, had a new presenter, Ryan Tubirdy, stepping into hot seat and so a new graphics package was required.

The concept was formed on two ideas - that the Late Late truly connects people and will be a topic of conversation for the following week ("Did you see yer man on the Late Late?"), and that for many it is their Friday night out while staying in. Using the new logo I created as an old school switch board, the leads from the lights, the mics, the instruments, etc all lead to the logo as the title, and indeed the show itself, come to life every Friday night. The title music is used as a guide track for the live band and chroma key's into opening shot. A complete graphic package was created to support the title and it's new logo, as well as being built to update the title in house with new guests and for special events.
Concept & Director - Stephen Mac Devitt
Producer - Michael Keely
Post Production - Windmill Lane
3D - Richard Merrigan
Flame - Ian Jacobs
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