The Milton Glazer Interview - Offset 2014

Title sequence for interview of Milton Glaser by Steven Heller at the Offset 2014 conference.

I was asked by OFFSET, an international design conference in Dublin Ireland, to create the title and end credits for their interview of Milton Glazer by Steven Heller for the 2014 conference.
The initial idea I had was quickly dumped once we saw the rushes of the interview. Originally having planned to use his iconic work in the opening sequence, the interview took a turn towards a disucussion about design in general and his thoughts rather than a retrospective on his work. And so the concept changed with it. I now took a few of his pieces as a starting point and used them more as an abstract launch pad combined with the strong shape and type from his logo. 
Creating a title on one of the godfathers of design, to be watched by designers at an international design conference - no pressure... Married with the excellent music by Gerry Horan I'm very happy with how the piece turned out.
Filmed & edited by Areaman Productions
Titles by Steve MacD
Music by Gerry Horan
Produced for OFFSET by Lisa Haran
Originally screened at OFFSET2014
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